Are you getting legal advice from a friend or a lawyer who “sometimes” does divorce work?

Would you want advice on surgery from a doctor who only sometimes does surgery? Or advice from a buddy? Ok – maybe divorce and family law isn’t quite life-or-death – but close enough! We deal with your business, your children, your real estate, and your money.

Illinois divorce and family law changed radically in the last couple of years. Everything from parenting (formerly “custody”) to child support has changed a lot in a very short time. Your buddy’s advice at the golf outing, your girlfriend’s experience with her divorce, advice from a lawyer who does not concentrate in divorce law – all dangerous to use as any guidance for you. Even a divorce case similar to yours that was resolved a year ago in the same county by the same judge is no guidance due to these drastic changes. Child support changed in a major way on July 1, 2017 for example. Illinois shifted from a one-payor simple net income percentage system (20% of net for one child, 28% for two, and so on…) to a complex system taking into account the generic cost to raise children in Illinois, both parties’ incomes, parenting time, and more. We have to use software to compute it now.

Just an example showing why you need to talk about your case with an attorney concentrating in Illinois family law. Call to schedule a consultation today – 630.756.5112 – and please tell our Client Intake Specialist that you saw my blog. I look forward to meeting you.